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Valitor is an acquirer, card issuer and payment gateway solutions company headquartered in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland. Valitor is Visa's and Mastercard's partner in Iceland and offers various online and e-commerce solutions internationally.


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Business Development Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The Managing Director of Valitor in the UK took advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to make the entire Glasgow office redundant in order to save the business money. On behalf of the company, they did not offer any compensation and even more shamefully, the company offered NO FURLOUGH to the affected employees and simply terminated their employments at just 2 days notice. A disgustingly unethical, uncaring, irresponsible employer."

Business Development Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Worked at valitor for two weeks before we went into lockdown. We had a conference call with the area manager and the rest of the agents, and we’re told that they would be closing the Glasgow office but it was something had been planning to do in the coming months. Which is not true at all as I was just recruited and told they wanted to expand the office. Company had no respect or decency to just admit that it was a cause from coronavirus. Cons: Cold calling businesses"

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I was involved with android and Java development the management was not very good and lacked direction ultimately leading to the closure of my branch during early january"

Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very unorganised management team with no support. Changing as they go along. Not what they promise you at the interview for example they tell you that you will get appointments but you hardly get any."

AD car sales (Former Employee) says

"I would arrive at 9 AM and would proceed to get all the equipment I would use throughout the day ready, then I would clean all the cars I could within the time I was at work. I learned how to clean all types of vehicles to a high standard, which included both the exterior and interior of the vehicles. The hardest part of the job was insuring that there were no streaks on any of the vehicles, which meant I had to check each car several times after it had been cleaned to insure that there were no streaks. But once the car had been cleaned and checked a few times it was satisfying knowing that I had done all I could to make the vehicle look nice. Cons: Working outside in cold weather"

Locksmith Doctor Ltd says

"This is the worst company for customer service, customer respect in fact they have a don't care attitude. All I needed was to change my bank account details and they make this impossible. Can't wait to leave them if you want great customer service, respect and ease of use in my opinion which I have been with them for over 1.5 years vallitor isn't a good fit"

XIAO says

"Useless Customer service!!! I had contract with Valitor since May, they told me I would receive a link from trustwave to active my PCI account. However, after 2 months, I didn’t receive it, so I phoned trustwave to see what happened, the staff told me that there was a problem with the MID number on valitor’s side, I need to report it to valitor. I phoned valitor’s customer service again, a man told me he can confirm that the problem is in valitor’s system, so he would solve this problem with trust wave on behalf of me and sent me the update to my email address. Then, after two weeks, no updates at all. I called the customer service again, explain the problem again, this time, a gentle man called Conner said to me he would solve the problem on behalf of me with trust wave and then phoned me with the updates. Ok , I thought this time my problem could be sorted. Until now, another two weeks passed, no calls, no updates and I still need to pay for PCI every month! Is that how your company treat your customer?"

Danny Odwyer says

"We processed though Valitor with no issues in the first month and put through over 120 transactions in this period. We had a customer dispute as they do happen (Only ever had the one) and because of that dispute they decided to close our account and hold funds also.

I am well aware of Chargeback ratios etc but for 0.8% to have the account closed is ridiculous.

They quoted us the following t's & c's -

"The ratio of error TRANSACTIONs,
copy/retrieval requests, CHARGEBACKs,
fraudulent TRANSACTIONs, refunds and/or
declined AUTHORISATION requests is excessive
in the opinion of VALITOR"

Tv prepare ltd"

Sivanesan Rasiah says

"Don't use this (Valitor) ( company. Greedy. Don't believe Cheating representatives.
Promised me no cancellation charges under the circumstances of if you closed business, or sold business. No obligations...
We closed our business from covid19.
Now we should pay £845.15.
Since the closed business how we are liable to pay balance monthly rental periods.
Why should we pay (not used) machine which has to be returned any way.
Won't they supply that card machine to other customer and make money?
What type of legal contract is it which is favouring one sided.
This company should be punished by the court of law and close down.
#companies-house should be involved such a bogus companies and ask them to modify these type of illegal contracts.
Never ever go with this company called "Valitor" and "Chip & Pin"
Their representatives called "Raihan Khabir" Operating from London under the company name called "Till Machine"."

lenny rego says

"Do not use this company Tim promised a switch and effortless transfer between providers and no cancellation fees on either side .
We are now in a battle to get our money back and they are insisting we have to pay them over £1000.00

Tara Birdi says

"Please I am warning stay away from this company not only have they taken over £800 from my account due to their errors they are not giving me the refund I am entitled to, after seeking legal action and trying to take this down the legal route they are just ignoring all my requests for my information in hope I go away, Please avoid them do your research this is the worst company I have done business."

Vsevolod Zasorin says

"The company wasted my time, mis-informed me about the timeframe of application processing and after a very frustrating on-boarding process, without any justification deemed business as risky & offered ridiculous terms to approve the application."

Avril Mcginlay says

"Hi, just a heads up I am a Valitor customer and since using this system for 2 years have not needed any support which is just as well. Now that I do need support they have been very disappointing and no help what so ever. In these current time (COVID - 19) every other company I am dealing with have been very supportive. I have a coffee shop that employs 10 people and to try ensure there safety I asked for either an additional terminal or a keypad for only customers to use. They said there was nothing they could do. I opened Monday only accepting card payments to try protect staff as much as possible but with continuous cleaning of the terminal, it has malfunctioned. Now Valitor wants £125 for the new terminal which they will post out after I pay it which I have, no idea when I will get a replacement terminal. This means a huge interruption to my business after been closed since the 20th of March 2020. If this is the best they can do I don't think much of them as a company. A very difficult time made even more difficult with the lack of service from Valitor."

Richard Allen says

"This company has just made a load of people redundant at a time when the government's job retention scheme is in force. This is appalling and I would encourage everyone to look for an alternative service provider. You can't just throw people out at a time like this."

Chris says

"I'm absolutely disgusted at being charged £25 fee just because a customer reversed their card payment of £6.60 just because they couldn't remember making the purchase ! They since remembered what they had purchased and resent the £6.60 , by which time Valitor have already taken the fee of £25 and won't reimburse me!! How are businesses supposed to survive?! Although I used to think Valitor were a fantastic company and have recommended their services to several retailers. And Natalie and Sean in the Valitor team are most helpful ... HOWEVER this has now changed my opinion and I am most unhappy"

Phil says

"Terrible company. We had 2 or 3 mistakes in the sign up process which was there fault. Then when there was 3.5k to 4k in the system a week before Christmas they put the account on hold because they read a negative review online of our business. We have had zero charge backs while with valitor which they even accept. Now we have no money from sales for customers. And there just conveniently holding all funds."

Frank Fitzgerald says

"Sadly I cannot share these positives in other reviews. I agreed through premier utilities in Ireland, to move to valitor from BofI services based on being told I would save 60% by doing so. The first bill reflected a doubling of my previous charges with BofI. I asked to cancel the contract immediately, having only had the terminal for about 7 days. I have reverted to BofI and Valitor have now sent me an invoice for 4 years terminal rental, which they insist I must pay- in spite of me explaining the above"

Harveen Singh says

stay away from this company."

Sudam asghar says

"Company is very good I been with them from last 3 years never had a problem but this time the person riaz ahmed who is manager whatever he said..he is a nasty person don’t have any idea how to talk with the peoples just because of this person I am going to cancel two contracts with them"

akbar sarfraz says

"Valitoe website is a scam 10 days and funds not settled"

Christy Davey says

"No response to emails. No call back following telephone queries. Contract started despite having queries in the cooling off period, that were not responded to. Now have a contract I did not agree to. Not impressed, a big mess with no customer service at all.
Update - 10/07/19 Still yet to hear from anyone other than this trustpilot response."

akbar sarfraz says

"avoid highly have put transactions through and funds have not cleared 10 days later. there is nobody to help on a saturday sunday they are closed they have left me in financial dificulties no help at all please do not join this company i have rang company many times and have had no calls back or help i will be taking this up with a solictior"

mohammed shezad says

"signed up with valitor around 6 months ago. had a few charge backs completely not our fault. i.e. one customer with dementia forgot he had made a card payment. Another trying to send back his old engine as ours. Valitor decided to hold nearly 5k of our funds over a £150.00 chargeback. They have now decided to terminate our contract and hold our funds for a period of 6 months leaving us in severe financial difficulties. We have been charged fees different to the sign up fees promised. We were promised next day clearance when signing up... this also did not happen.

Patrick says

"Valitor were supposed to be suppliers to our business but raised compliance issues the day prior to taking delivery of the card terminals.

Had 4 months of conversations with their team and never once was advised about the compliance aspects of the account until the day prior to needing the terminals. This caused major disruption to our business and clients as they dragged their feet for so long organizing the account without discussing the requirements for compliance.

We now have to organize this service elsewhere with less than 24 hours before Valitor had promised delivery. Extremely disappointing service, would not recommend to our clients as all of these issues should have been raised months ago.

Following Darrens reply, the discussion was actually started in February months prior to the requirement coming into effect. Naveed the gent dealing with the query never raised an issue with 4 MONTHS notice before the purchase date arrived. You claim this was a last minute request, it was not. Justify it however you please, your team failed to notify ourselves of a single issues with all the notice in the world, you left literally less than 24 hours before delivery to decline the request which means no time to organise an alternative, shocking service no matter how you spin it."

Craig Douglas says

"Doesnt allow for zero stars !!!!

Just been informed by a rude and obnoxious woman that because my business has processed payments of a higher amount they are refusing to pay the cash over, even though the customers bank has cleared this .....
they want evidence of purchase ... im a hotel

i can sent you stained bedsheets if that help.

customer service of the lowest level."